IPEX-1 IoT Power Energy Controller Expansion Board


IPEX, is an IoT Power Energy Controller Expansion Board for the IPEC (IoT Power Energy Controller)


IPEX, is an IoT Power Energy Controller Expansion Board for the IPEC (IoT Power Energy Controller)

  • This product is an expansion board with an ACS758 and ADS1115 ADC

Board Configuration

Solder configuration pads are provided on the bottom of the PCB.

Specification of IPEC/IPEX Family

The IPEX board is suppled fully tested.  You will require to flash your specific code, or from our examples on GitHub

The IPEX-1, is a DAC/ADC four channel Interface, with ACS758 Current Monitor. It includes the following features:

  • Designed to Interface to an IPEC Board via the Expansion Port
  • Designed to run as a Stand-Alone Expansion Board
  • IPEC Interface Header and Pass-Through Header, for cascading boards.
  • – Interface is fully configurable
  • – I2C Interface
  • – 3V3 Power
  • Four ADC inputs, to an ADS1115 16bit ADC
  • – Inputs are fully configurable
  • – Voltage Monitoring
  • – Temperature Sensing
  • ACS758 Fully Isolated, AC or DC, Current Sensor (100A)
  • Four DAC Outputs, (via the below FET / OpAmp Drivers).
  • – PWM Output – Tracking CT/Power
  • – Fixed Voltage Output – Tracking CT/Power
  • – MPPT or Modulated Output – Tracking CT/Power
  • DAC FET Outputs for Voltage level Shifter, with Invert and Non-Inverted Outputs
  • – FET Interface is fully configurable
  • DAC Op-Amp Buffer Amplifier, with Low Pass Filters, Voltage Follower.
  • – Op=Amp Interface is fully configurable
  • DC-DC 5V LDO
  • – DC Power Input Header
  • – Power LED

In the Box

  • IPEX IoT Power Energy Controller Expansion Board

You will need to update the firmware with your preferred open source firmware, using a standard micro USB cable (not included).  Working examples of test code can be found in our Wiki and GitHub

  • 1 x IPEX-1 Board
    • SMD (Surface Mounted Components) Populated.
    • Fully Tested
  • 8 x Terminal Blocks (2 Pin – Not Soldered)
  • 1 x Terminal Block (2 Pin – Not Soldered)
  • 1 x Straight Header Socket (4 Pin – Not Soldered)
  • 1 x Strip of Straight Pin Header
  • 1 x 6W JST Header Jumper Cable
  • 1 x 6W JST Header Cable
  • 1 x Complimentary screwdriver

Available Separately

Note that with the large terminal block on the board, the enclosure will require to be modified with an aperture.  Large solder pads are included on the board, so avoiding the need to use the terminal block, if required – thus making it low profile.



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Other Details

Further information on this product may be found in our downloads and Wiki pages.  Other technical information and code examples are also shared in our GitHub Pages.  Project information may also be found on Hackster.io

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Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg


The IPEC IoT Power Energy Controller board main features:

  • Compact and Flexible Design SDK Board
    • All connections are low voltage, for safe operation
    • Easy to interface
  • Optional Espressif ESP32 WROOM
    • ESP32-WROOM-32E-N4
      • Integral Antenna Wireless and Bluetooth
    • ESP32-WROOM-32UE-N4
      • Ext Antenna – U.FL Socket
      • Wireless and Bluetooth
  • ATM90E32 Energy Monitor
    • 3 x Phases Line CT Clamp Input
      • Example YHDC SCT013000
    • 3 x Voltage Sensing Inputs (AC RMS)
      • Can be used with Single Phase, or Multi AC Inputs (For Split or 3Phase)
      • Normally Taken from AC Power Input (by Default)
    • Power Modes Settings
  • MCP4728 DAC
    • 12bit I2C DAC
    • Four Independent Buffered Output Channels
    • Configured for Default DAC Out, or Modulated (Example MPPT)
      • Configurable Solder Pads
    • On-Board DAC EEPROM (For DAC Codes and Addressing)
    • Can be configured to drive DAC based on CT Clamp Current / Power
  • 24C64 EEPROM I2C
    • Parameter Settings
    • Logging
  • OLED I2C
    • I2C Interface
    • OLED I2C Connector
      • Configurable Power Pins
  • AC Low Voltage Input (for Safety)
    • Standard 2.1mm Jack Socket
    • Power safely derived from a SELV / Wall AC/AC Power Supply
      • 8 to 12V AC RMS (Nominal 12V)
      • Examples GreenBrook DAT01A or TLC TC TR7
  • Onboard 3V3 DC SMPS Power Supply
    • Power taken from AC Input, or USB 5V
  • Arduino Wemos D1 Compatible USB Interface
    • On-board Micro USB Socket
    • Flashing and Programming
    • Example wemos_d1_mini32
    • Can also used to power the board
    • Debugging
  • Expansion Port
    • Configurable and Flexible Port
    • DAC Outputs
    • I2C Interface
    • 3v3 Power
    • Standard JST SH 6 Way Header
    • 2 GPIO for User (GP16 and GP17)
    • UART Interfacing (UART 2)
  • Reset Button
  • User Programmable Button
  • RGB Status LED
    • User Configurable
  • Power LED
    • On 3V3
    • CF1 – Active
    • CF2 – ReActive
    • CF3 – Fundamental
    • CF4 – Harmonic
  • Configuration
    • Solder Pads on Rear of PCB.
  • PCB designed to fit neatly into an BMC enclosure
    • Also allows for the display to be included, or not.
  • Firmware – Code
    • Full Example Code in GitHub
    • Source Code Based on IPEM
    • Publish to MQTT
    • Publish to Domoticz
    • Publish to ThingSpeak
    • Drive DAC for PWM / Voltage or MPPT Based on CT Readings
  • Size 70 mm x 53 mm
IPEX-1 IoT Power Energy Controller Expansion Board