Does WREN require a Power Supply?

No additional power supply is required. WREN takes it’s DC power from the existing recliner 24V, or 29V, DC Power Supply, through the DIN connector.

My recliner uses side of chair buttons, which has a USB charging socket built in.  Will these still work?

Yes, both the existing chair buttons, and USB charging socket, will still work when WREN is plugged in.

Will WREN work with any recliner?

WREN has been successfully tested on a large number of recliners, based on the standard (OKIN type), 5 pin DIN connector.  For this reason, WREN controller should work on all 24V/29V one, and two, motor recliners.

Do I need to unplug the WREN at night to save power?

No, you do not need too.  WREN has been designed to be a very low power device, much the same as other Home Automation devices like Google Home or Alexa.

Will fitting a WREN invalidate my chair warranty?

Fitting a WREN is simply unplugging an existing in-line DIN connector and placing the WREN in line.  For this reason, no modifications, are made to your recliner.  Much like if you unplugged the side of chair controls and plugged in a hand controller.  No damage can be caused to the chair motors through using a WREN.

Can I control all my home cinema recliners at the same time from a single WREN?

WREN has been designed to control a single reclining chair.  However, multiple WREN’s (aka a Flock), could be setup to be custom controlled ‘group’ from a single command, scenario, or theme.

e.g. You could maybe setup a command within your home automation system, something like ‘film starting’ and all chairs recline, or ‘film finished’ and all chairs go to the upright position.  Unsure about the ice cream interval scenario ;).

Is WREN safe to leave connected?

WREN incorporates electrical, and thermal, safety devices which shutdown, or disables, the controller upon an issue such as a motor fault, or unusual temperature increase.

Where are the WREN products made?

They are all Designed and Made in Great Britain.

Can I make my Electric Recliner go upright if the door bell rings?

Yes, you could in theory do this quite easily.  You would require a home automation, smart door bell.  Then setup a scenario within your home automation to send an upright command to WREN.

I want to control a 12V DC Linear Motor, will WREN work with this?

WREN has been designed to work from 12V to 30V DC.  Whatever the input voltage, the motor drive output voltage will follow.   For this reason, you can safely use WREN to control your 12V Linear Motor. Do though check the maximum current requirements for your motor, as WREN is limited (for safety reasons), to 2.8A per motor.

Can I have different input voltage control, to the motor output voltage?

WREN has been design to completely and safely isolate the input and output.  So you could, for example, run WREN from a standard 24V, or 29V, DC supply reclining chair and provide a controller voltage to the input, anywhere from 12V to 30V.

My mains voltage is different to Europe, will WREN still work?

For safety reasons, reclining chairs operate on DC power, via an AC mains power supply often strapped under the chair base.   For this reason, WREN will work anywhere in the World.

Could I manually control multiple WRENs from a single hand controller?

As the WREN controller completely isolates the input and output, you could easily electrically parallel the inputs (excluding the power pin), and safely control any number of WRENS from a single hand controller.

My Heated Massage Recliner has a 8 pin connector, will WREN work?

WREN has been designed for the standard 5 pin DIN connection. It is possible though, with a custom adaptor cable, WREN could still work with your chair.  However, as we are not familiar with your chair details, we cannot unfortunately assist without further information.  Please feel free to provide information to us.

Will my reclining chair hand controller still work with WREN?

Yes, your hand controller will still work.  You would simply plug WREN inline with the reclining chair hand controller connector.

I have a very old mains powered electric reclining chair, will WREN work with this?

For safety reasons, reclining chairs operate on DC power, via power supply often strapped under the chair base.  For this reason, whilst your electric reclining chair is mains powered, the actual motor(s), and controls, all operate on low voltage, often 24V or 29V DC.  For this reason, it is quite probable that WREN will work with your recliner.  You will need to research under the chair and find the 5 pin DIN connector (often cable tied).

I am a developer.  Is it safe for me to use the WREN SDK, without a case?

WREN only operates on low voltages, typically 24V or 29V DC.  No high voltages, or mains, will ever be present on WREN, so yes, it would be safe to use the WREN without a case.  Please be mindful though, that you do not short any parts of the SDK PCB, as this may damage the board and it will obviously not be covered under warranty in such cases.


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