GTEM ESP32 ATM90E26 – Features


The ATMEL M90E26 is a high-performance wide-span energy metering chip. The design includes ADC and DSP technologies to ensure the chip’s long-term stability over variations in grid and ambient environmental conditions.


Metering Features

• Metering features fully in compliance with the requirements of IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 and IEC62053-23; applicable in class 1 or class 2 single-phase watthour meter or class 2 single-phase var-hour meter.
• Accuracy of 0.1% for active energy and 0.2% for reactive energy over a dynamic range of 5000:1.
• Temperature coefficient is 15 ppm/ ? (typical) for on-chip reference voltage
• Single-point calibration over a dynamic range of 5000:1 for active energy; no calibration needed for reactive energy.
• Energy Meter Constant doubling at low current to save verification time.
• Electrical parameters measurement: less than ±0.5% fiducial error for Vrms, Irms, mean active/ reactive/ apparent power, frequency, power factor and phase angle.
• Forward/ reverse active/ reactive energy with independent energy registers. Active/reactive energy can be output by pulse or read through energy registers to adapt to different applications.
• Programmable startup and no-load power threshold.
• Dedicated ADC and different gains for L line and N line current sampling circuits. Current sampled over shunt resistor or current transformer (CT); voltage sampled over resistor divider network or potential transformer (PT).
• Programmable L line and N line metering modes: anti-tampering mode (larger power), L line mode (fixed L line), L+N mode (applicable for single-phase three-wire system) and flexible mode (configure through register).
• Programmable L line and N line power difference threshold in anti-tampering mode.

Other Features

• 3.3V single power supply. Operating voltage range: 2.8~3.6V. Metering accuracy guaranteed within 3.0V~3.6V. 5V compatible for digital input.
• Built-in hysteresis for power-on reset.
• Selectable UART interface and SPI interface (four-wire SPI interface or simplified three-wire SPI interface with fixed 24 cycles for all registers operation).
• Parameter diagnosis function and programmable interrupt output of the IRQ interrupt signal and the WarnOut signal.
• Programmable voltage sag detection and zero-crossing output.
• Channel input range
– Voltage channel (when gain is ‘1’): 120µVrms~600mVrms.
– L line current channel (when gain is ’24’): 5µVrms~25mVrms.
– N line current channel (when gain is ‘1’): 120µVrms~600mVrms.
• Programmable L line current gain: 1, 4, 8, 16, 24; Programmable N line gain: 1, 2, 4.
• Support L line and N line offset compensation.
• CF1 and CF2 output active and reactive energy pulses respectively which can be used for calibration or energy accumulation.
• Crystal oscillator frequency: 8.192 MHz.
• Green SSOP28 package.
• Operating temperature: -40 ? ~ +85 ? .



The M90E26 is used for active and reactive energy metering for single-phase two-wire (1P2W), single-phase three-wire (1P3W) or anti-tampering energy meters.

With the measurement function, the M90E26 can also be used in power instruments which need to measure voltage, current, etc.


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