RPEM ESP8266 SDK V1 – Specification


RPEM v1 is a STEM project, providing a flexible Remote Power Energy Monitor SDK for your Solar/Wind/Battery/Inverter System.

  • The SDK Kit is available:
    • RPEM-1-C with four x SMT current clamp 3.5mm sockets mounted.
    • RPEM-1-V without the sockets, for four x voltage monitoring.


RPEM v1 specification overview and connections

  • Core
    • ESP-12S MCU
    • EEPROM 27C64 (64kbit | 8K x 8bit)
    • ADC ADS7828 (12-Bit 8-Channel Sampling)
    • On-Board 3V3 (1A) and 5V (100mA) LDO Regulators
    • 6-15V DC Input Supply
  • Inputs
    • 4 x CT Current Clamp (3.5mm Sockets), or Voltage (Pads)
      • NB. If you remove the 22R resistor(s), mixed DC Current and Voltage inputs can be configured.
    • On-board NTC (Temperature)
    • On-Board DC Input Voltage Monitor
    • Opto Reader (Meter Pulse Reader / Expansion)
      • Examples: TSL257 / 3DU5C / GL5528
  • Outputs
    • FET Driver (Max 100V / 1.5A)
    • Status LED
    • Power LED (3V3)
    • OLED Display Support (I2C Dual Headers)
  • Communication
    • USB UART (Micro / Flashing / Debugging / Config)
    • RS485 (Monitoring / Expansion)
    • I2C (Expansion)


The RPEM SDK has been designed to be as flexible as possible for integration of the Solar/Wind Battery Home System to Home Automation.


In the Box

RPEM-1 SDK is supplied as a Developer Kit PCB.  SMD Populated and Tested.

You will need to update the firmware with your preferred open source firmware. Working examples of code can be found in our Wiki

The RPEM-1 SDK Developer Kit contains:

  • 1 x  RPEM-1 SDK SMD PCB (tested).  Ready to Program
    • Populated 3.5mm Sockets (with Current Version)
  • 1 x DC Header
  • 1 x Set of header pins (for I2C and In/Out/RS485


Other Details

Further information may be found in our downloads and Wiki pages

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