The HAMKit VDAS PCB v1.2, is a quality double sided, 2 layer, FR-4 board, that is designed to fit into the Hammond 1551USB2TSK USB Case.

Mounting suitably placed to fit all options.

All components are mounted on the top of the board.  Surface mount component size of 0805 are used where possible.











The board is compact and can be fitted in a case, mounted within an ATV repeater, or even inside a receiver.

The PCB has a solder jumper, which allows change of the output to normal or inverted.

PCB with two different connectors, to show the versatility where required.













PCB’s have four additional mounting holes and can also be provided in a row in order to allow easy mounting on a rear panel.

Should you prefer not to use the on board 5v regulator, this maybe removed and the jumper pad on the PCB bottom soldered, in order to bypass the regulator.

Under no circumstances should the solder link be made with the regulator still on the board.


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