WREN S2 DE SDK – Technical Information


The new DitroniX WREN is both a Consumer Product, and also a Developers SDK.  It has been designed to easily, and safely, retrofit to industry standard Electric Reclining Chairs.

WREN could also be used for a range of other DC controlled applications.

A detailed comparison table is provided here

The principle function of the DitroniX WREN, is to interface to existing electric recliner push buttons (or remote hand controller), and provide both existing electric reclining chair functionality, while also allowing control from IoT Home Automation.

  • Simple to Fit – Plug and Play (Standard 5 Pin DIN)
  • Existing Recliner Manual Button Controls are Unaffected
  • Existing Recliner Accessory Devices, such as USB power, is Unaffected
  • Voice Control such as via Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Manual or Remote Control from PC, Phone or Tablet
  • No External Power Required (Uses existing 24V, or 29V, DC)
  • Controls Single, or Dual, Motor Riser Recliner Chairs
  • Safe to Use. FCC and CE Approved. WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • Isolated Controls Input and Motor Output, allowing parallel operation


DitroniX WREN S2 DE SDK Technical Specification Overview

  • Operating Voltage: 24V DC  (Min 12V – Max 30V DC)
  • Operating Current (Excluding Motors): Max 0.5A
  • Idle Current: Approx 50 mA
  • Sleep Current: Approx 10 uA
  • Onboard PSU: Buck Boost for Regulated 3V3
  • Operating Current : Max 2.8A RMS DC (x 2 channels)
  • Operating Temperature Range Maximum: -25 ~ 85 °C
  • Operating Temperature Range Declared: 0 ~ 40 °C
  • Duty Cycle: Typically Duty Cycle 10% Time On in 2 Minutes.
  • Safety:
    • Thermal Shutdown
    • Non-dissipative over-current protection
    • Cross Conduction Protection
    • Under Voltage Lockout
    • Integrated Fast Free Wheeling Diodes
    • Isolated DMOS Power Transistors with CMOS and Bi-Polar circuits



WREN S2 DE SDK has been designed to feature:

  • Flexible Linear Motor Controller
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 12V to 30 DC
    • Output Motor Voltage replicates Input Voltage
  • Espressif’s NEW ESP32-S2 SoC (ESP32-S2 WROOM)
    • Embedded Firmware
    • Supports native Espressif RAINMAKER and ESP-IDF
    • Supports Development IDE such as Arduino IDE, Platform IO,  Eclipse etc.
    • Expanding Support for Technologies such as MQTT, CloudMQTT, HiveMQ, IFTTT, Mosquitto, Tasmota, Domoticz, Node-Red etc.
  • Ports
    • UART Flashing Port
    • USB Flashing and 5V Power In Port (DE Only)
    • DC Supply Pass-Through
    • JTAG Port (DE Only)
    • I2C and SPI Expansion Port (DE Only)
  • L6205 Dual DMOS Full Brider Driver
    • Output Peak Current 5.6A DC
    • Two x 2.8A DC RMS channels
    • Paralleled Operation (DE Only)
  • Built in Electrical Safety Features
  • Sensors
    • Digital Temperature Sensor (TMP102)
    • DC Supply Voltage Sensor (ADC)
  • Onboard Buck Boost for Regulated 3V3 (Internal Use)
  • Buttons (Tactile)
    • Reset
    • Programming (Flashing Mode) (DE Only)

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