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Welcome to DitroniX.net for Internet of Things (IoT), Home Automation, Energy Monitoring, Smart Energy and Electronic Innovation Boards for the Electronics Hobbyist and STEM Maker Community.  



Some of our Latest IoT Smart Home Automation, STEM Boards and Kits


ESP32 ATM90E32
IoT Power Energy Monitor


ESP32 ATM90E36
IoT Power Energy Monitor


ESP32 ATM90E26
Grid Tied Energy Monitor


ESP8266 L6205
Linear Motor IoT Controller


ESP8266 BME280
Compact Weather Station

Please visit our shop for further product information, together with our evolving Wiki, GitHub  and FAQ for technical and support knowledge-base.

Should you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.

Dave Williams | DitroniX | G8PUO


All our boards and related products are Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain.  This site is a subset of DitroniX.Com

Supporting the engagement, interest and careers of people, of all ages, through the fascinating World of STEM Learning and Amateur Radio & Electronics.  DitroniX, planting a seed in Electronics, for our future engineers.

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