HAMKit Merger

In order to consolidate product development and support, the HAMKit products have now been incorporated within DitroniX.net

HAMKit launched in 2014, a range of Amateur Radio, Amateur Television (ATV & DATV), Electronic Projects and Kits.

The original aim of HAMKit, to provide a proven and growing range of amateur radio and television electronic construction kits suitable for home enthusiasts, clubs and groups, worldwide, evolves and follows on through DitroniX.net










Levels of technical, construction and engineering skills varied from kit to project but all aimed to be rewarding and useful for the builder. DitroniX.net continue to provide these kits, available partly or ready built, in order to provide flexibility for our customers who may not have all the facilities, such as surface mount.

The HAMKit Wiki pages have been migrated over into the DitroniX.net Wiki and will continue to be updated.








If required, for reference, the old site may be viewed through the WaybackMachine

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