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IPEC and IPEX Beta Update

Both the IPEC and IPEX BETA boards have been undergoing initial bring up and beta testing – which is going very well and all positive for the first test release.

Development firmware has also evolved to supporting the ADC, DAC and PWM Outputs.  This is the biggest amount of time has been spent on bring-up.  Have taken the IPEM base code, added automatic detection between IPEM, IPEC and IPEC with IPEX. Then a whole chunk of IPEC and IPEX interfacing code was spread on top.

Interfacing to the IPEX board worked without any issues and this enabled basic bring up testing of the DAC and ADC to move forward. The IPEX board will then be updated to make minor improvements, so expanding a couple of worthwhile features. Still pinning down the final PWM interface but ideas are on the bench.

Already as seen in the below photo, the IPEC/IPEX board is interfacing to a High Power Motor controller to provide automated Batter Charge control based on surplus energy. This is working really well.   Using the IPEX DC Current Sensor, it is also possible to monitor the charging, as well as Solar Diverting.

The below photo shows the two boards stacked.