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IPEM Code Updates – Version 230520

A range of enhancements have been made to the original Bring-Up Test Code – it is now a full application.

The latest updates include a range of improvements, Web Server, Push OTA, OLED Support, Increased Serial Monitor Information and a couple Buglet fixes.

Although the development code was originally intended for board bring-up and testing, with the latest features, it is now much more extensive and opens up to many real-time Home Automation and Industrial Monitoring applications.

Integrated Domoticz publishing has also been extended, with more values.

IPEM_1_Test_Code_ATM90E32_ATM90E36, is now at release 230520.

OLED displays WiFi Information and Mains Voltage, Rotating CT 1, 2 and 3 Power, with Import/Export. Whilst this example display below is an 0.6″, a larger I2C display can easily be added.