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IPEM Production boards and Test Software

Update 4th March 2023
The schematic has been updated to 1.2303-201, to allow the option for the CT4 input on both ATM90E32 and ATM90E36 variants to optionally use the ESP32 ADC. This providing 4 single phase, or 3 phase + 1 single phase, monitoring from a single board.
Awaiting delivery of the first batch of production boards. The below 3D example is of the new board, rendered using Fusion360.  Also showing the added 4 pin screw header to make it easier for the AC voltage input.  These headers will be included with the board but not soldered.
Software examples
Some firmware to test the board has been uploaded, more to follow.
The main test and bring up firmware for both ATM90E32 and ATM90E36 variants has been merged into a single build. I did this to make it easier to maintain and update. Currently being tested, prior to upload to GitHub.