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Mains and Solar Power Energy Monitor Boards SDK Overview

The below guide shows the Mains and Solar Power Energy Monitor Board options available.

With three current models of Power Energy Monitors, three ATM devices (ATM90E26, ATM90E32 and ATM90E36), and two variants of ESP32-WROOM (32E with PCB Antenna and 32UE with U.FL for External Antenna), this guide should assist in selecting the right board for your application.

The most popular board is the IPEM ATM90E32, using the ESP32E (PCB antenna). it providing single, split, dual, three separate and full three phase monitoring.  This board is also must easier to configure, then the GTEM ATM90E26, as calibration of the ATM90E32 or 36, is almost not required – other than a mains final voltage tweak.

The new IPEC board is directly based on the IPEM ATM90E32, but with no CT4 and now sporting an expansion port, providing PWM and DAC output voltage, linked to the CT current.  This means the output can automatically control other external devices such as Smart Battery Charging, Resistive Power Control (Such as Immersion Heaters) and Solar Power Diverters.

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