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New GTIE (Grid Tie Inverter Extender for SUN-1000GTIL2 and SUN-2000GTIL2 series)

A new SDK has been released to easily extend the current clamp (Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter), from the SUN-1000GTIL2 and SUN-2000GTIL2 series, via Wireless or Home Automation System.

The GTIE SDK board, based on the standard ESP8266 MCU, features Current Clamp, Meter Sensor, Battery monitoring, Deep Sleep and D1 Mini Compatible interface.

Powered from either a 3V CR123A Lithium battery, or extender DC input from 7-15V, the small board also includes an I2C OLED header, which may be optionally fitted.

To extend this project further, it has an OPTO input for optionally reading the Electric Meter kWh flashing LED. For this, a 3DU5C Phototransistor, TSL257 Photodetector or lower sensitive GL5528 Light Dependent Photoresistor can be attached.

Featuring the standard D1 Mini USB UART, this SDK can be easily controlled via Arduino IDE, or Visual Studio Code/Platform IO and interfaced to your MQTT Home Automation system such as Domoticz.

GTIE SDK can also be used for battery operated remote monitoring of a Current Clamp over a Wireless LAN.