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New RPEM Remote Power Energy Monitor SDK

RPEM v1 is a STEM project, providing a flexible Remote Power Energy Monitor SDK for your Green Solar/Wind/Battery/Inverter Energy System.

New Product for September – Pre-release – Details to Follow Shortly.

Photo of prototype PCB, with optional plug-in OLED display.


RPEM v1 Main Integrated Features

  • Core
    • ESP-12S MCU
    • EEPROM 27C64 (64kbit | 8K x 8bit)
    • ADC ADS7828 (12-Bit 8-Channel Sampling)
    • On-Board 3V3 (1A) and 5V (100mA) LDO Regulators
    • 6-15V DC Input Supply
  • Inputs
    • 4 x CT Current Clamp (3.5mm Sockets), or Voltage (Pads)
      • NB. If you remove the 22R resistor(s), mixed DC Current and Voltage inputs can be configured.
    • On-board NTC (Temperature)
    • On-Board DC Input Voltage Monitor
    • Opto Reader (Meter Pulse Reader / Expansion)
  • Outputs
    • FET Driver (Max 100V / 1.5A)
    • Status LED
    • Power LED (3V3)
    • OLED Display Support (I2C Dual Headers)
  • Communication
    • USB UART (Micro / Flashing / Debugging / Config)
    • RS485 (Monitoring / Expansion)
    • I2C (Expansion)

The RPEM SDK has been designed to be as flexible as possible for integration of the Solar/Wind Battery Home System to Home Automation.