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Our new STEM SDKs are running at the GB3FW site on Portsdown Hill – Fort Widley

In preparation for the new DATV (Amateur Television), Repeater GB3FW in Portsmouth, SCART ATV Group, and @ScartATVGroup, our new CWX (Compact Weather Station) and RMIS (Remote Monitoring IoT System), are installed on the GB3FW ATV repeater site on Portsdown Hill – Fort Widley.

The site is powered totally by Solar and Wind, so monitoring the batteries state, charging, discharging and weather is very important and also offers a great STEM and club project.

Multi RMIS will be installed, in the DC Power, Receiver, Transmitter and Logic.  These allow remote monitoring and control, of all repeater system.

The GB3FW Network Controller, incorporating one of the RMIS kits can be viewed at

The GB3FW Compact Weather Station can be viewed at

Over the following weeks, as the repeater site evolves, more monitoring will be added.