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Preliminary Info – EPEM ESP32 ATM90E32 Ethernet IoT Power Energy Monitor

EPEMĀ follows in the successful development footsteps of the IPEM and IPEC Power Energy Monitoring Boards.

EPEMĀ is anĀ Ethernet Power Energy MonitorĀ and Controller. 3 Phase, or 3 x Single Phases, with DAC/PWM/MPWM/MPPT/I2C Expansion Port Outputs.

For remote Solar Power Energy installations which have no/limited WiFi coverage, EPEM is an Ethernet based Power Energy Monitor and Controller.

* ATM90E32 Enhanced High-performance Energy Metering Device.
* EspressifĀ ESP32 (Popular and Reliable MCU).
* Full Three Phase Remote Power Monitoring (3P3W, Y or Ī”).
* Up-to 3 x Single, Split, Individual Phase Power Monitoring.
* DAC, PWM, MPWM, MPPT and I2C Expansion Ports.
* Automated Controlling of Solar Power Diversion, Smart Charging, Relays etc.
* Stand-Alone Operation, and/or IoT MQTT Integrated.

This is in the design stages: What would you like see on this?