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Production release – DitroniX WREN 12S SDK v2

Following successful testing with the beta version of the new WREN 12S SDK board (photos below),  the bare production PCBs were ordered and are due in at any time.  These will then go through our SMT line, tested and be ready for immediate shipping.

Our Wiki is now being updated with information specifically on the new DitroniX WREN 12S SDK v2.

This new WREN 12S SDK, V2, offers greater flexibility, increased current to each motor, wider operating voltage range and with the additional safety features, is set to be a popular SDK for STEM and the wider IoT community.

The safety features have been extended for the existing driver thermal and over current shutdown to make it much easier to control in software.

An additional hardware logic combiner now monitors the both driver control lines and enable signals, then outputs a single logic safety flag, directly to an ESP GPIO input.  This allows an easy and much improved way to set, for example, an interrupt for immediate, or controlled, shutdown of the board, upon either a thermal or current overload trigger.   Having a single GPIO makes it easier for Home Automation firmware to monitor and removes the need for additional safety code.

On this V2 PCB, we have also removed the cable clamping tabs (V1), to reduce the PCB size and also kept with some 0805 components, in order to allow STEM students, electronics hobbyist and experimenters to explore.