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#Specification EMIS-1

EMIS v1 Energy Monitoring board main features (Provisional):

  • Espressif ESP32 WROOM 32
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE MCU module, with dual core CPU
  • AT24C64 EEPROM
    • For storing parameters, calibration data, Logs etc.
  • Isolated Current Input
  • Current Sensor AC/DC 100A
  • ADC 12-bit Resolution
    • Using ESP32 Internal ADCs
  • Meter Pulse Sensor Input
  • CT Clamp Input
    • With or without Burden Resistor.
    • Suitable for popular SCT013 YHDC
  • Isolated Relay Output 2A DC
  • RS232 and RS485 interfaces
  • On-board Temperature Sensor
    • NTC (range -40ºC to +125ºC)
    • Micro USB.  Uses the popular CH340 for ease of developing code, flashing and debugging
    • Arduino D1 Flashing and Programming Compatibility
    • No drivers normally needed
  • OLED Display / I2C / SPI Interface
  • PCB 7-15V DC Input