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#Specification GTIE-1

GTIE v1 SDK board main features:

  • Grid Tie Inverter Extender
    • Home Automation Systems
        • example Domoticz, ESPHome etc.
        • for SUN-1000GTIL2 and SUN-2000GTIL2 series via new GTIL (2023 Q1)
  • ESP8266 ESP12S
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • OLED I2C Connector
    • Such as a SSD1306 I2C
  • Current Clamp Input
  • DC Low Voltage Input
    • Powered by CR123 Lithium Battery
    • On-board 3V3 DC Power Supply
    • Micro USB.  Uses the popular CH340 for ease of developing code, flashing and debugging
    • Arduino D1 Flashing and Programming Compatibility
    • No drivers normally needed
  • OPTO Input
    • Meter Pulse Opto Reader
      • Such as a 3DU5C, TSL257 or GL5528
  • Deep Sleep Link
  • Reset Button
  • User Link
  • Status LED (ESP software code / firmware controlled)
  • DC Power LED (red)