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#Specification LMIC-1


LMIC v1 Specification Overview:

  • Flexible Linear DC Motor Controller
  • ESP8266 ESP12S
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 10V to 32 DC
    • Output Motor Voltage replicates Input Voltage
  • L6205 Dual DMOS Full Bridge Driver
    • Output Peak Current 5.6A DC
    • 5.6A DC RMS channel
    • Paralleled Operation (increased current to a single motor)
  • Built in Hardware Electrical Safety Features
    • Thermal Protection
    • Over Current Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • SMT On-Board 6A Fuse
    • Micro USB.  Uses the popular CH340 for ease of developing code, flashing and debugging
    • Arduino D1 Flashing and Programming Compatibility
    • No drivers normally needed
  • OPTO Input
    • Light Sensor Input
  • Reset Button
  • User Button
  • User Link
  • Status LED (ESP software code / firmware controlled)
  • DC Power LED (Blue)
  • OLED Display Connections via I2C