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#Specification RMIS-1

RMIS v1 specification overview:

  • The board is available in TWO standard voltage ranges (although you can alter this range if required with a single resistor change per channel).  The  variants  and features are  shown  below:
  • Each will monitor 4 x channels
    • Each +/- 30A current and voltage up to 30V, or 60V
      • 8 x channels in total.
      • Allow monitoring of charge and discharging of current sources.
      • Voltage monitoring, on each channel, can be isolated from current, if needed.
      • Ideal maximum continuous current 15A, per channel.
    • Each of these channels are isolated.
    • Common ground for voltage monitoring.
    • The current measured is also positive and negative, so RMIS can monitor both charging and discharging DC currents in each channel.  This makes it ideal for battery monitoring, solar and wind charging etc.
  • In addition, the board has a digital temperature sensor included.
    • Provides feedback on the PCB and ambient temperature.
  • On board 5V and 3V3 regulators.
    • Maximum of 15V DC input to the PCB  power.
    • DC Input Voltage monitored by separate input to ESP8266 ADC.
  • Compact Board
  • Easy to install and setup