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#Specification WREN-2

WREN v2 specification overview:

  • Flexible Linear Motor Controller
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 9V to 38 DC
    • Output Motor Voltage replicates Input Voltage
  • Ai-Thinker ESP12S (ESP8266 Series)
    • Embedded Firmware
    • Integrated 2.4 GHz Antenna
    • Supports Development IDE such as Arduino IDE, Platform IO,  Eclipse etc.
    • Support for Technologies such as MQTT, CloudMQTT, HiveMQ, IFTTT, Mosquitto, Tasmota, Domoticz, Node-Red etc.
  • Ports
    • UART Flashing Port
    • DC Supply Pass-Through
    • I2C Expansion Port
  • L6205 Dual DMOS Full Brider Driver
    • Output Peak Current 5.6A DC
    • Two x 5.6A DC RMS channels
    • Paralleled Operation (increased current to a single motor)
  • Built in Electrical Safety Features
  • Sensors
    • Digital Temperature Sensor (MCP9808)
    • DC Supply Voltage Sensor (ADC)
  • Onboard Buck Boost for Regulated 3V3 (Internal Use)
  • Buttons (Tactile)
    • Reset
    • Programming (Flashing Mode)


Other Points:

  • Simple to Fit – Plug and Play (Standard 5 Pin DIN)
  • Existing Recliner Manual Button Controls are Unaffected
  • Existing Recliner Accessory Devices, such as USB power, is Unaffected
  • Voice Control such as via Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Manual or Remote Control from PC, Phone or Tablet
  • No External Power Required (Uses existing 24V, or 29V, DC)
  • Controls Single, or Dual, Motor Riser Recliner Chairs
  • Safe to Use
  • Isolated Controls Input and Motor Output, allowing parallel operation