HAMKit VMAC ESP32 BNC Riser v1 Overview


The VMAC ESP32 BNC Riser is a bare PCB that has been designed to work alongside the VMAC ESP32.

All tracks are made on the inwards facing side, so leaving a plain surface on the outer face.

Additional terminating resistors (SMD 0805), maybe added if required (video and audio are separate).  These are not fitted as standard.  The VMAC ESP32 has terminating resistors on-board.

Connections to the VMAC ESP32 are easily made using standard 0.1 pitch right angled header pins or wires.

A 2 pin PTH is provided on all the Squelch inputs and PTT output.  This is to facilitate alternative connections if required.  This is standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) Pitch.

As some may prefer to populate some, or all of the BNC sockets, the VMAC ESP32 BNC Riser is sold as bare PCB.














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