The WREN SDK uses both ESP-12S GPIO and I2C GPIO Expander (MCP23017). to control and monitor the board functionality. For this reason, it is important to ensure your development supports the I2C Expander MCP23017.  An example from Tasmota is MCP23017 GPIO Expander

WREN 12S SDK V2 – Basics

This is a living (Work in Progress), document. Basics The heart of the WREN SDK is an ESP-12S, which is a small package variation to the industry standard ESP8266, so enabling a vast range of support from many IoT developers.  Standard ESP8266 firmware will run on the WREN SDK, after simple assignment of ports to […]

WREN 12S SDK V2 – Board Bring Up and Test Code

The WREN 12S SDK V2  example code below is used for Board Bring Up and Test Input / Output Ports. This Arduino IDE example (Settings. Board: ESP8266 12S Dev Module), basically exercises the RGB LED, Temperature Sensor, Voltage Sensor, Safety Circuit, Inputs and DC Motor Outputs. You can also refer to Wiki for ESP-12S GPIO […]

WREN 12S SDK V2 – Specification

Following the success of the original WREN SDK, the new DitroniX WREN 12S SDK v2, based on an Ai-Thinker ESP-12S (ESP8266), has been developed. DitroniX WREN, is an IoT Linear Motor Controller SDK.  It was initially designed to easily, and safely, retrofit (plug and play), to industry standard Electric Reclining Chairs, with continued use of […]

WREN S2 DE SDK – Sample Code Introduction

From a base point, WREN S2 DE SDK is based on Open Source, Espressif ESP32-S2 and available to the Developer Community. Using the standard Arduino IDE, or Platform IO, for example, you will be able to derive and develop code that will enable a basic WREN S2 DE SDK  board bring-up and test the various […]

WREN S2 DE SDK – Technical Information

The new DitroniX WREN is both a Consumer Product, and also a Developers SDK.  It has been designed to easily, and safely, retrofit to industry standard Electric Reclining Chairs. WREN could also be used for a range of other DC controlled applications. A detailed comparison table is provided here The principle function of the DitroniX […]