RMIS-1 Example Code Solar Wind Battery Monitor

The below RMIS-1 test code example has been provided as a means to learn, develop and evolve.  The purpose of this test code is to cycle through the various main functions of the board as part of bring up testing. This example code has been developed for a test Solar/Wind/Battery/UPS project – which is very […]

RMIS-1 Connections and Interfacing

RMIS (Remote Monitoring IoT System), includes the following connections: PCB DC input (10v to 15v).  15V MAX UART for Flashing code or external board monitoring & control via serial I2C Expansion Interface, for adding other devices Current and Voltage Monitoring (4 Channels – High Side Sensing) Notes: The Current Channel connectors are quality 5mm spacing, […]

RMIS-1 External DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

RMIS (Remote Monitoring IoT System), includes on-board digital temperature sensor, MCP9808 (located next to the ACS712 current monitors).  However it would be great to also add an external temperature sensor, such on a battery or heatsink. Using the I2C connector and sharing the I2C bus, it is very easy to add one to test, or […]

RMIS-1 Power Calculations Guide – Voltages and Current

RMIS (Remote Monitoring IoT System) features four independent and isolated channels, each of which can monitor both DC voltage and current. When all four input channels are used, it would result in eight readings (4 x current and 4 x voltages), being provided in real-time.  The current measured is also positive and negative, so RMIS […]

RMIS 12S SDK v1 – Specification

RMIS (Remote Monitoring IoT System) Ideal for remote monitoring DC Voltage and Current of: Green Energy Systems Renewable Energy Systems Batteries Solar Panels Wind Generators Hydro Power Generators Rain Gutter Power Generators Thermoelectric Power Generator Water Tower Power Generators Turbines This exciting new RMIS-1 – STEM SDK kit was originally designed for the GB3FW repeater site […]