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WREN Product Version Comparison

WREN Features and FlexibilityWREN 1
(Consumer Edition)
(Developer Edition)
(Maker Edition)
Product TypeComplete and ready to connect to your electric reclining chairComplete SMT PCB, tested and ready for developing software and experimentingComplete SMT PCB, tested and ready for developing software and experimenting
Simple to Fit – Plug and Play (Standard 5 Pin DIN)YesYes, with optional cableYes, with optional cable
Safe to Use. YesYesYes
Existing Recliner Manual Button Controls are UnaffectedYesYesYes
Connector5 Pin DIN Male and Female2 x 6 Pin Headers2 x 6 Pin Headers
Voice Control from Google Home and Amazon AlexaYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Manual or Remote Control from PC, Phone or TabletYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
No External Power Required (Uses existing 24V, or 29V, DC)YesYes. Input/Output 12V-30VYes. Input/Output 12V-30V
Wifi Remote ControlYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Voice Control for Home AutomationYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Controls Single, or Dual, Motor Riser Recliner ChairsYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Parallel for Increased Drive Current NoDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
MCU and WiFi ModuleEspressif ESP32-S2Espressif ESP32-S2Ai-Thinker ESP-12S (ESP8266 Family)
FCC and CE (RED) Approved. WiFi 2.4 GHzYesYesYes
Isolated Controls Input and Motor Output, allowing parallel operationYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Operating VoltageInput/Output Standard 24V or 29V DCInput/Output 12V to 30V DCInput/Output 12V to 30V DC
Operating Voltage: Min 12V – Max 30V DCNoYesYes
Operating Current (Excluding Motors): Max 0.5AYesYesYes
Idle Current: Approx 50 mAYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Sleep Current: Approx 10 uANoDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Onboard 3V3 PSUYesYesYes
Operating Current : Max 2.8A RMS DC (x 2 channels)YesYesYes
Operating Temperature Range Maximum: -25 ~ 85 °CYesYesYes
Operating Temperature Range Declared: 0 ~ 40 °CYesYesYes
Duty Cycle: Typically Duty Cycle 10% Time On in 2 Minutes.YesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Safety: Thermal ShutdownYesYes, Developer ControlledYes, Developer Controlled
Safety: Non-dissipative over-current protectionYesYesYes
Safety: Cross Conduction ProtectionYesYesYes
Safety: Under Voltage LockoutYesYesYes
Safety: Integrated Fast Free Wheeling DiodesYesYesYes
Safety: Isolated DMOS Power Transistors with CMOS and Bi-Polar circuitsYesYesYes
Open Source DeveloperNoYesYes
UART Flashing PortYesYesYes
USB Flashing PortNoYesNo
USB 5V Power In Port (ESP)NoYesNo
DC Supply Pass-ThroughYesYesYes
JTAG PortNoYesNo
I2C Expansion PortNoYesYes
SPI Expansion PortNoYesNo
Dual DMOS Full Brider DriverYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Digital Temperature Sensor (TMP102)YesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
RGB LEDYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Reset ButtonYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
ProgrammedYesDeveloper ControlledDeveloper Controlled
Sealed EnclosureYesNo. Enclosure available separately.No. Enclosure available separately.
Software Developer KitNoYesYes
Open Source SupportNoYesYes
Complete, tested and ready to safely DIY install

In tested software developer kit form, ready for developer and end user use.
Enclosure/Cables Optional.

In tested software developer kit form, ready for developer and end user use.
Enclosure/Cables Optional.
Special Offer Introductory PriceOnly £59 (Normally £69)Only £19.99 (Normally £29.99)Only £19.99 (Normally £29.99)
New Product Availability.
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September/October 2020September 2020September 2020
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