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GTEM ESP32 ATM90E26 Energy Monitor SDK

With the increasing interest in Energy Monitoring, we have complimented our Home Automation Energy Monitoring range of SDKs, with the new GTEM, which brings together the ESP32 and ATM90E26, to form an very flexibly Home Automation Energy Monitor.

Our Energy Monitoring projects have evolved over time, due to my being a STEM Ambassador, with interest from electronics enthusiasts, clubs and groups.
GTEM started life using an ESP8266, CT Clamp and Domoticz, this expanding into the GTIE SDK.  For those have that also worked with the humble ESP8266 and CT Clamp, will have found that they work OK to give Power Consumption but lack the Import (Active) / Export (Re-Active), information – if wanting to have more control of home grid.
The project expanded over time to include the ESP8266 and ATM90E26, this proving the technology (based and inspired by Tisham Dharon [whatnick] excellent work and enthusiasm), but the ESP8266 lacked additional GPIO and features.
For this reason, the culmination of GTEM SDK brought the ESP32 and ATM90E26 together, complete with EEPROM and D1 USB Compatibility.

The GTEM Energy Monitoring board main features:

  • ESP32 WROOM 32
    • Wireless and Bluetooth
  • ATM90E26 (Energy Monitor)
    • Metering features fully in compliance with the requirements of IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 and IEC62053-23
    • Active Energy LED / Input to ESP32
    • Reactive Energy LED / Input to ESP32
  • 24C64 EEPROM
  • OLED I2C Connector
  • Current Clamp Input
  • AC Low Voltage Input
    • Power safely derived from a SELV / Wall AC/AC Power Supply
  • On-board 3V3 DC Power Supply
  • Arduino D1 Flashing and Programming Compatibility
  • OPTO Input
    • Meter Pulse Opto Reader
  • On Board NTC (Temperature)
  • Reset Button
  • User GPIO
  • User Programmable Button
  • RGB and Power LEDs
  • PCB designed to fit into an BMC enclosure
    • Also allows for the display to be included, or not.
    • Size 65mm x 53m

Our Beta PCBs have just arrived and having populated the board, testing has already started.  Final PCB and Production is planned in early December (allowing for advanced delivery of ATM90E26 ICs).


BETA GTEM ESP32 ATM90E26 SDK v1 2211-101 In a BMC Enclosure